Capture areas


It all started with car photography. You can also visit Instagram here. Beside my Hyundai i30 N I also had several other cars in front of my lens, from Subaru BRZs to Ford Fiesta STs and Audi RS4.


After I figured out how to handle the camera and I had no more problems with fixed motives, I started in the portrait section. In the meantime I was allowed to do several shootings with many different models. What they said about me? Just have a look here.


When the posed pictures with slight movements were no problem anymore, I tried to work with animals. There are also a few posed pictures here, but most of them were taken while playing or walking.


Finally, I wanted to go in the aesthetic direction and started with the sensual area. This section is still under construction, so there are still TFP models wanted.

Who am I?

That's me. Marvin, years old from the beautiful Siegerland. Behind me you see Nala, one of my two cats.

I have been photographing since the beginning of 2019, starting with fixed motives such as cars. After that I ventured into moving subjects, like people and animals. Today I photograph almost everything you can imagine. Do you have any questions? Call me, write me a DM on Instagram or text me on Whatsapp.

What people are saying

  • Nadine Schmidt
  • Gina Ulrich
  • Lara
  • Paulina Zimmermann


Currently I set the prices for each shooting individually. But a concept is currently being worked out, so that I will be able to offer you various packages here on this site soon. If you want to inquire about the price, just write me on Whatsapp or on Instagram or call me.


Since I am asked more and more about TFP Shootings, I would like to take up this topic on the page. Yes, I do TFP Shootings, but only for portfolio extension or "training purposes". As already mentioned above I am currently learning sensual photography. At the moment I am looking for TFP models for this area.